Tax Relief

The 5-5-5 Tax Rollback

Income Tax It’s time to roll back the Income Tax hike to its traditional 5% rate. Using the initiative petition process, the citizens of Massachusetts voted to return the state’s personal income tax rate to 5% more than a decade ago. Defying the will of the voters, the Democrat Legislature maintained its 5.3% income tax hike. Standing with the voters and taxpayers of Massachusetts, Jim Lyons is fighting on Beacon Hill to roll back the Income Tax rate to 5%.
Sales Tax In the summer of 2009, the Beacon Hill power brokers increased the Sales Tax rate from 5% to 6.25%. That’s a whopping 25% tax hike on consumers and retail shops. For three decades, JimLyons has worked in his family’s small retail business. Jim is acutely aware of the negative effect that this tax hike has had upon consumers and struggling retail businesses in the Merrimack Valley, because of our proximity to tax-free New Hampshire. Jim Lyons is fighting to roll back the sales tax rate to 5% and to reinvigorate small business growth and job creation in our communities.
Meals Tax The Democrat Legislature also voted a punishing 25% hike of the meals and restaurant tax, from 5% to 6.25%. Like the sales tax increase, the meals tax hike punishes consumers and restaurants, mostly small, locally-owned businesses. Jim Lyons is fighting to roll back the meals and restaurant tax to its longstanding 5% rate.
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