Lawmakers Renew Effort to Impeach Judge

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Republican lawmakers are making a last-ditch effort to impeach Salem Superior Court Judge Timothy Feeley over his controversial decision two months ago to let a convicted heroin dealer off with probation.

Led by state Rep. Jim Lyons, R-Andover, the group is asking their fellow lawmakers to direct Gov. Charlie Baker to remove Feeley from the bench using what's called a "bill of address."

The Governor's Council, which approves judicial nominees, would have to sign off on the rarely used measure.

Lyons filed a similar proposal with about 40 mostly GOP lawmakers several weeks ago, but House Speaker Robert DeLeo, D-Winthrop, declined to take it up. Lyons refiled the request Monday, urging lawmakers to reconsider before the end of formal sessions on Tuesday.


Advocates push to open Legislature's records

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Massachusetts is the only state where the Legislature, governor’s office and judiciary all claim to be exempt from the state’s public records law, which has led open government groups and others to consistently label its First Amendment protections the weakest in the nation.

Other lawmakers, like Rep. Jim Lyons, R-Andover, support opening up the Legislature to public scrutiny. He has proposed an amendment to next year's budget to eliminate the exemption.

He cites recent scandals involving former House and Senate leaders as reasons for lifting the veil.

"They think they can do everything in secret," he said. "They talk about being open and transparent, except when it comes to them. It's absurd."


District to receive Chapter 90 funding

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Rep. James Lyons, R-Andover, announced today that the 18th Essex District is scheduled to receive funding assistance for local road and bridge repairs under the state’s Chapter 90 program. Andover will receive $1,363,938; North Andover will receive $810,973; Boxford will receive $415,020; and Tewksbury will receive $921,787.

“I’m pleased the House has taken steps to ensure that communities will have additional financial resources available to maintain local road and bridges,” said Lyons. “The funding contained in this bond bill will help the district address some of its most pressing transportation infrastructure needs.”

Passionate debate on drug-dealer punishment

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Several amendments to the House bill, including one by Andover Rep. Jim Lyons, put a heavy focus on painkiller drugs. His amendment would extend manslaughter charges to anyone found guilty of trafficking heroin or fentanyl that leads to someone's death.

"The people who are selling these drugs have to at least know the consequences of what happens to the people that they're selling it to," Lyons told The Sun in an interview. "And if we're serious about shutting down the drug dealers we've got to make sure that they know they're going to go to jail."

Lyons Bill Tries To Help Police

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“Suicide kills more officers every year than homicides or accidents. H 2496 is a response to this hidden danger,” said bill sponsor state Representative James Lyons (R-Andover).

Lyons’s bill, filed with state Representative Timothy Whelan, would require a two-hour course be added to all police training schools to teach officers how to “utilize healthy coping skills to manage the stress and trauma of policing … recognize the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder within themselves and other officers … and recognize the signs of suicidal behavior within themselves and other officers,” according to the bill text.

Beacon Hill 'sneaks' got caught this time

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Did Massachusetts Senate Democrats push through an 11th-hour amendment to soften the rules to give illegal immigrants a pathway toward obtaining driver's licenses? You bet they did, and anyone who says otherwise isn't being truthful.

State Rep. Jim Lyons, an Andover Republican, caught Democratic State Sen. Tom McGee's sneaky maneuver and bellowed loud and clear about it.

Car engines on Beacon Hill already were revving in the reserved parking lot, readying for the stampede out of Boston for the Fourth of July weekend, so Lyons' objections weren't taken too kindly by the Lynn legislator and the liberal horde. Some tried to shout Lyons down.

But a good thing Lyons came, saw and spoke out. He was correct.


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Click here to listen to Rep. Jim Lyons discuss Drivers Licenses for People Not Legally in This Country on 680AM WRKO:

Andover homeowners fight to stop gas pipeline

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State Rep. Jim Lyons, R-Andover, spoke like a firebrand, at times.

"My office has been inundated with citizens telling them that they have been threatened with eminent domain," Lyons said.

He said the scenario typically went like this: someone knocks on a door and says to the homeowner that they are going to survey their property. The homeowner tells the Kinder Morgan representative, No. they may not survey the property, after which the representative tells them that they will pursue the property through eminent domain.

“It is time that Kinder Morgan stopped threatening our communities,” Lyons said.

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Rep. Jim Lyons secures road, bridge funding for North Andover

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State Rep. Jim Lyons, R-Andover, has secured $822,193 in funding for local road and bridge repairs for the town of North Andover. The funding was included as part of a $200 million Chapter 90 bond authorization approved by the House of Representatives on March 30.

“This is great news for North Andover because it means additional funding will soon be available to address the town’s needs during the 2016 construction season,” said Lyons.

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Miceli, Lyons Announce $916,494 In Ch. 90 Funds For Tewksbury

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State Reps. Jim Lyons, R-Andover, and Jim Miceli, D-Wilmington announced last week that the Town of Tewksbury will receive $916,494 for local road and bridge repairs.

The funding was included as part of a $200 million Chapter 90 bond authorization approved by the House of Representatives on March 30. Matching Governor Baker's requested amount, the funds are raised via 30-year bond sales and go directly to capital improvement projects, road repair, and other transportation-oriented improvements across the state. 

 “This is great news for Tewksbury because it means additional funding will soon be available to address the town’s needs during the 2016 construction season,” said Lyons.

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