About Jim

Jim Lyons is currently serving his fourth term in the House of Representatives, having been elected in November 2010. He represents the 18th Essex district, which is comprised of Andover (Precincts 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9), North Andover (Precincts 6, 7, and 8), Boxford (Precinct 1), and Tewksbury (Precincts 3 & 3A).

Born and raised in Arlington, Massachusetts, Jim attended Saint Agnes School and graduated from Brandeis University.A local businessman, he has lived in Andover for over 30 years with his wife Bernadette and their two sons. Jim is an active participant in the local community, having served on the Pastoral Council at Saint Augustine Parish, as well as volunteering to coach youth baseball,basketball, and soccer. In fact, Jim credits the many wonderful men who coached him in youth sport leagues and at Arlington Catholic High School for inspiring him to follow their dedicated example.

Jim has worked in the family-owned retail flower and ice cream business for over three decades, and he understands the the challenges and struggles faced by small business operators. This real-life business experience motivates Jim’s fight for reform on Beacon Hill. He has seen first-hand the stifling impact that excessive taxation, unencumbered bureaucracy, and over-regulation have on job creation and economic growth.

Representing the Merrimack Valley region in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Jim fights for the government reform platform that energized his election campaign. Jim works to increase local aid to the cities and towns, ensuring better funding for police, fire, public safety, public works, education and other services that directly touch our lives everyday. Jim works to roll back the income, meals, and sales tax hikes that hurt consumers and small retail shops because of our proximity to tax-free New Hampshire. Jim works for openness, accountability, and transparency in state government, even when he has to stand alone in the House chamber advocating these commonsense values.

From the Merrimack Valley to Beacon Hill… Jim Lyons is working for you.

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